Were you the recipient of one of these cards?

One of our team members must have been feeling generous. We believe in the idea of "Random Acts of Kindness." This means that our team members have been instructed to do something nice for a complete stranger for no reason in particular. We believe that this attitude promotes a sense of kindness and helps create a happier world for us all.

What do I do with the card?

You can keep it, pass it along, or do nothing at all. Whatever you do with the card, we encourage you to consider "paying it forward" by engaging in your own "Random Act of Kindness."

How to I do it?

It's easy! Just buy a stanger a coffee, pay for someone's lunch, buy gas, volunteer your time or special skills, donate to a charitable organization, help a neighbor with yardwork, hold a door open for someone, let someone go ahead of you in line - just do something nice for someone!

Thank you for visiting us. We're happy to have brought a smile to your day!

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Random Acts?

Were you the recipient of one of these cards?

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